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SalesPreso wins at 2018 DrivenXDesign® Awards

SalesPreso July 5, 2018

SalesPreso, Australia’s leading sales enablement platform for enterprise B2B organisations, has won Silver at this year’s DrivenXDesign® Awards.

The Melbourne-based start-up competed against major industry leaders like NAB, BMW and Monash University in the Melbourne Design Award for new services and applications from a start-up to an industry leader. The Awards were hosted this year at Higher Ground Melbourne.

DrivenXDesign recognises businesses at the cutting-edge of accelerating and transforming design in an ever-changing market, and provides marketplace recognition across an extensive range of categories and celebrates the creativity and courage of those who are leading the way.  

“To be presented such an amazing award is truly an honour,” commented Joel Thomson, CMO and co-founder of SalesPreso. “When you are up against such high-profile industry leaders, it’s very rewarding to be acknowledged as a trailblazer for innovative solutions,” he added.

SalesPreso is the only platform globally that can automate the creation of completely customised presentations. Complex, data-driven presentations with animations, forms and calculators are built in less than a minute. What makes this possible (and unique) is the platform’s ability to integrate with any enterprise business systems and data sources to pull information relevant to each customer into presentation context – automatically.

SalesPreso’s entry can be accessed here.