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LivePreso gears up to harness accelerated adoption of automated digital content in the sales process

Joel Thomson October 11, 2020


Melbourne, Australia, September 30, 2020

Automated digital content platform LivePreso (formerly known as SalesPreso) is tooling up its platform to secure market share as more companies look to adopt automated digital content in their remote selling process. 

According to a recent McKinsey report, B2B sales has dramatically shifted through COVID-19  with almost 90 percent of sales moving to a digital model, and while some skepticism remains, more than half believe this is equally or more effective than sales models used before COVID-19. 

“We see investment in business processes, cloud, sales and marketing automation maturing – something that’s largely been brought forward by COVID-19 and the need to work remotely in an efficient way. As business transitions to remote working, providing a beautiful and powerful client experience via guided or virtual selling is gaining popularity,” LivePreso co-founder Aaron Cooper said. 

“Virtual selling will continue to be the norm even when face-to-face is an option. Virtual selling is here—and here to stay.”

LivePreso Co-founder Aaron Cooper

According to a study by Sales Consultancy firm, Rain Group, since the onset of COVID-19 there has been a 163% increase in companies that are now having to do more than half their sales virtually. 

“The rapid shift to online or virtual selling has created many challenges for organisations that need to maintain sales momentum,” said Cooper. “Many don’t have an effective platform that can create, deliver and measure sales content to both new and existing customers.”

LivePreso Co-founder Aaron Cooper

The company also recently raised $5 million in an investment round led by Shearwater Growth Equity

The funds will be used to further develop the LivePreso platform to automate the creation of digital content for business-critical meetings like account renewals, reviews, business development and new sales opportunities. These conventional customer interactions are undergoing a rapid rethink as more externally facing roles are forced to work remotely and increasingly rely on digital experiences to sell their products or services. 
To see LivePreso digital experiences in action, request a demo.

“More brands, both in ustralia and overseas, are engaging us to better understand how they can raise the quality of their sales and account management content in remote meetings and achieve more meaningful and actionable insights. We believe the shift in behaviour is here to stay and see this as a great opportunity for many industries,” Cooper said. 

LivePreso Co-founder Aaron Cooper

LivePreso has spent this year focusing on customer acquisition and renewals. New customers include Asahi, Macquarie Telecom, Iress, Aware Super (formerly First State), and

In addition to the latest investment round, LivePreso has also appointed Chris Ridd, former Xero Managing Director and technology investor, as Board Chair. 

“LivePreso has an ambitious strategy to execute on but it has all the right fundamentals in place including a talented team with the right attitude. The Melbourne-born company is a beacon for what Australia’s technology sector can achieve and its strategy has been validated many times over by world-class companies like REA Group, and  Asahi who have evaluated the many options available to them for the creation of automated, digital content software and chosen LivePreso,” LivePreso Chair and investor, Chris Ridd said. 

LivePreso Chairman Chris Ridd

A new name to match the mission 

The company’s evolution into developing industry-specific verticals and servicing a broader audience globally has resulted in a name change from SalesPreso and a rebrand to LivePreso. 

“As a brand, SalesPreso has served us well, but since we launched, our target audience and the use of our platform has evolved and expanded. Financial services advisers and real estate agents are using LivePreso; account managers in media are using it every day—all in addition to sales. We’re solving critical business problems for marketers and execs with a change mandate: to automate the creation of digital content. Our old name tended to isolate some important audiences; it also missed too much that was fundamental to the product. LivePreso talks to the data-driven, interactive capabilities and the focus on the all-important movement between the business and the customer,” LivePreso co-founder Joel Thomson said. 

LivePreso Co-founder Joel Thomson


About LivePreso 

LivePreso is a multi-award-winning platform transforming enterprise B2B sales by automating its single most time-consuming activity – creating digital content.

Founded in 2013 as SalesPreso, the platform replaces tired old document formats with pitch-perfect customer experiences which integrate relevant data from multiple sources, into live interactive ‘presos’. LivePreso achieves this by integrating customer-relevant data from unlimited sources, then applying business rules and artificial intelligence to create data-driven, interactive business content, in seconds.
LivePreso closes the loop with invaluable analytics, showing when and how customers respond to and interact with content, and how the best salespeople present. These are actionable insights that can be applied to the rest of the sales team, to drive guided selling and the ongoing development of effective content.

LivePreso’s fast-growing client list includes Australian and international businesses including News Corp, Flight Centre, REA Group, MYOB, and Asahi Premium Beverages. For more contact, the team at LivePreso or request a demo.