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We’re hiring: UI Developer / Designer

Kate Speakman July 6, 2021

About LivePreso

LivePreso is a founder-run technology startup, entering an aggressive growth phase. Based in Richmond with a 100% local team of 15, LivePreso has been in business since 2014, and boasts an impressive base of Australian and global blue-chip clients.

Despite being a little-known brand out of Melbourne, we continue to win business with global companies who choose us after scouring the globe only to find that what we deliver is world class. It’s now time to put a spotlight on our unique capability and tell our story to the world.



Reporting to the Head of Engineering, the Developer will work with other engineers, the product team, and growth team, to design and implement innovative new products, features and modules.


Primary responsibilities

  • Improve the current technologies employed by the team and develop innovations that strengthen the company’s platform and products.
  • Collaborate with the rest of the engineering team to improve usability
  • Apply research theories, principles and models to conduct experiments and research activities.
  • Design, develop, test, document, deploy, support and sustain LivePreso client applications, interfaces and libraries.
  • Develop rich, client-side, enterprise applications with HTML, CSS, Javascript and native device code.
  • Work with other developers, product managers and creative technologists to implement and test new developments.
  • Suggest alternative approaches or improvements for experiments that do not pass quality assurance testing or meet expected requirements.
  • Rapidly iterate on product features based on data and user feedback.
  • Develop creative solutions to challenging problems.
  • Work within tight deadlines while exhibiting exemplary time management and task prioritisation.
  • Experiment and advocate best practices in application development.
  • Maintain a high awareness of industry issues and trends, particularly in regard to accessibility, usability, and emerging technologies, and keep team members informed as appropriate, with a view to incorporating these in future projects and staying ahead of the market.


Secondary responsibilities

  • Creative technology development as required from time to time.


Primary skills and technologies

  • 2-5 years of demonstrated experience in creating and implementing UI development
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Complex single page applications; routing, business logic, caching. etc.
  • Advanced problem-solving skills and the ability to optimise code for the best possible outcome
  • Ability to work effectively in a collaborative environment to create top-performing interfaces
  • Proficient with mockup and prototyping programs such as Figma, Adobe, etc
  • Software engineering
  • JavaScript ES6, React (or similar view layers), Cerebral (or similar state management)
  • Use of RESTful APIs; HTTP authentication, compression, content types, caching, CORS
  • Testing, mocking, Jest or similar
  • Git, including branching workflows, rebase
  • Debugging, performance and profiling tools (Chrome developer tools, …)

Secondary skills and technologies

  • iOS app build and sign toolchain 

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