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Sales Enablement Society’s Melbourne Chapter launches

SalesPreso May 29, 2018

On the 8th of May, the Melbourne Chapter of the Sales Enablement Society held its inaugural meeting. The meeting was a huge success, with over 30 sales enablement professionals in attendance from industries such as finance, food and beverage, technology, and more.

SalesPreso is proud to support the Sales Enablement Society in Melbourne. From the turnout and the lively discussions, it’s clear that we not only have some exceptional talent right here in Melbourne, but it’s also evident that connecting practitioners through the SES will only lead to better business outcomes.

The event started off with a welcome address by Country President Iris Chan, who went through the SES’s purpose and goals. This was followed by the introduction of Chapter President Phoebe Shipp, and Vice-President, our very own Aaron Cooper.

The highlight of the evening was a session by Gartner’s Gabriel Tsavaris, “Rethinking Customer Understanding: Are We Really as Customer-Centric as We Think?”.

In his session, he challenged the claims made by most companies that they were customer-centric. Gabriel pointed to research by Gartner that showed that particularly in the sales process, an area that is increasingly overwhelming for buyers, companies were still focused on pushing their products and solutions, rather than concentrating on solving customers’ challenges. He also showed how the buying process has changed in recent years, from the number of decision-makers to the length of time it takes a business to make a buying decision. His session sparked interesting some interesting questions that were discussed with the audience.

Thank you to all who attended. SalesPreso will continue to support the Chapter meetings here in Melbourne.

If you are a sales enablement or sales transformation practitioner, join the Sales Enablement Society, or connect with Iris Chan, Aaron Cooper or Phoebe Shipp on LinkedIn to hear about the next meeting.