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SalesPreso + Jellis Craig boost innovation efforts in real estate sector

Joel Thomson October 11, 2019

Today we announced SalesPreso will be rolled out across leading Victorian real estate agency group Jellis Craig and its network of 350+ agents. You can read more about it here and here.

Helping transform the real estate sector with intuitive, data-driven tools is something we’ve been doing for some time now, working with REA Group, Domain and now Jellis Craig.

This implementation of the SalesPreso platform is a strategic move by Jellis Craig to combine productivity gains with game-changing customer experience. The SalesPreso real estate platform is deeply integrated with so many other systems ranging from internal data sources and online property data to external solutions like Campaigntrack. It has integrated, comparable property listing data, interactive marketing calendars and schedule builders, automated signature features and a two-way CRM integration via Box & Dice.

Jellis Craig has effectively armed its agents to react faster than anyone else to an opportunity, with the data and functionality they need. It’s a smart way of responding to varying market conditions; especially at a time when the sector is going through so much change.

Jellis Craig is already seeing strong results from the pilot phase and is planning to implement the software in all of its 25+ offices immediately.

Already working with the likes of REA Group and Domain, SalesPreso is a platform that replaces traditional manual tools like Powerpoint and PDF documents with a live format that is automated. The platform’s integration with data feeds as well as its interactive functionality means professionals no longer need to repeatedly waste hours putting together presentations, potentially using inaccurate or outdated information. They can get back to selling and advising; spending valuable time with their clients with a tool that delivers rich interactive customer experiences.

“Jellis Craig recognised it was time to lead change in the property industry. Vendors are much more informed and the value exchange between vendors and agents is changing. As a result, salespeople need to bring more to the equation and provide a better customer experience. We’re aiming to bring a highly personalised experience across every aspect of the business – from marketing to sales and operations,” Jellis Craig CEO Nick Dowling said.

“By implementing SalesPreso, Jellis Craig can strengthen the agent’s toolkit so they’re ready for any market condition, all-the-while arming the vendor with real-time data so they can make informed decisions at what is usually a pivotal moment in their life – the sale of one of their largest assets.”

The deal sees Jellis Craig roll out the platform across its network of more than 350 agents so that they can draw from a multitude of data sources including recent sales data, CRM systems, internal sales information and Campaigntrack for advertising products, to automate the personalisation of a presentation that’s relevant to the vendor’s circumstances and their property in an instant. The software does this every time without the agent having to do all the legwork.

“This software revamp means vendors get the benefit of real-time information. This platform is the cornerstone of our mission to digitally transform our business to the direct benefit of our vendors,” Mr Dowling said.

The SalesPreso platform is already integrated with 60+ other systems including Salesforce, Adobe, DocuSign and Tableau.