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Like you, we’re making a big change.

LivePreso September 9, 2020

Our clients are heroes of business change. And our product, SalesPreso, exists to support them. Now, we’ve made a change of our own: changing our name to LivePreso.

Why did we decide to change our name?

Simply because LivePreso better reflects our broader product offering and the very dynamic nature of the software we have created. Simple really, but really important to us.

Our product replaces traditional presentation formats with data-driven, interactive content for each customer experience; it makes the experience live. Moreover, it makes the experience live for any business presentation. Whether it’s new business, business development, account management, advisory, training or support—the use cases and user groups grow by the month.

The new name better aligns with our mission to help our customers. We’ve grown beyond our original purpose of delivering a productivity solution against PowerPoint. We now have a vision of what we want our customers to be able to achieve. 

What is that mission?

To transform customer engagement content in these critical, but under-serviced customer moments: Pitching to win, proposal-making to close, account-managing to keep and grow. 

To automate time-wasting activities by replacing manually produced, static slides with dynamic presentations generated automatically, in seconds.

To reinvent a frustrating daily experience by replacing DIY tools that make ugly slides with beautiful, interactive customer experiences.   

What is our vision?

To set the global standard for business presentations with a live preso—fully automated, powered by live data, live customer interaction, and live results. In a name, LivePreso.

We’re here for our customers; ‘the agents of change’. Here to support them as they take on the next big shift.

If you’re with us already, you know you can free up heaps of time if you simply stop making slides yourself, and let our software do the heavy lifting for you.

If you’re new to this, you’ll be amazed at what LivePreso can automate. 

We hope you like what you’re seeing and what we’re saying because you’re going to hear more from us in the future. In the meantime, keep on being that hero, and we’ll keep making the tools to help you make change.