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LivePreso Remote: Tech to deliver pixel-perfect presentations

Joel Thomson April 24, 2020

Following our recent article in Startup Daily, we’re sharing some insights into how our remote presenting feature works.

LivePreso Remote uses advanced web synchronisation technology to deliver pixel-perfect presentations without the ugly compression, buffering or high bandwidth costs of video streaming.

By delivering the content of a presentation to each viewer, LivePreso Remote can load the whole presentation ahead of time and lets participants focus on the content, not who’s been left behind.

LivePreso Remote lets you give over-the-phone interactive presentations with deeply customisable possibilities such as in-situ digital contract signing, on-the-fly polls or choose-your-own-adventure customisation of upcoming slides. And even with simple slides, the presenter is able to dynamically add and remove slides so bringing in an unexpected product doesn’t mean starting over again.

When the presentation is over, viewers can optionally be given an online copy of the presentation to view again in their own time, and for the presenter, a detailed analysis of the session is available, as well as a reliable audit trail of exactly what was presented.

A summary of key technical features:

  • Real-time synchronised presos are optimised for use over low-bandwidth connections
  • Automatic catchup of late arrivals
  • Display showing which viewers are in-sync and who has fallen behind
  • Synchronisation includes navigation, state, and broadcasting of JavaScript events
  • The presenting user can add or remove slides to the presentation on the fly and have these changes propagate
  • Permission model preventing viewers from modifying state unless mediated by the “master” (The presenter controls what’s seen and when).

Finally, it’s important to remember that we’re not talking about another way to present Office documents like PowerPoint.

Our content is data-driven and interactive, it delivers:

  1. Data-driven narratives. The platform is integrated with any business system, automatically fetching new data prior to, and if required, during a live presentation at the click of a button. This means presentation content is insight-led, supported by accurate industry and customer data.
  2. Interactive engagement. For example, interactive graphs and new data calls, with live content and data updates. This means presenters can run all types of business modelling live in a meeting, ROI, costings, etc. This can reduce sales calls from several meetings to one.
  3. Dynamic changes based on live feedback. Live updates can be made across an entire presentation in response to an input. For example, values input in one slide can result in different output recommendations, answers or calculations on another. This means presenters content can follow a modern consultative sales conversation, not be stuck with a rigid narrative.

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