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Automated, data-driven, interactive. What else doesn’t your content do?

Joel Thomson February 23, 2021


Melbourne, Australia, February 24, 2021

Video-call technology for the virtual meeting is solved –
just pick your favourite, Zoom, Teams, etc.

So, what’s missing? We think the answer lies with the content sellers use. Virtual selling tech and training are advanced. The content used in virtual selling is not.

For the first LivePreso “Future of virtual selling” white paper, we establish that a new generation of sales content is critical for effective virtual selling.

We have documented our own experience as specialists and reviewed expert research to discover:

  • What the new skills required of sellers are
  • What the new needs of sales organisations are
  • What customers want from their virtual buyer experience
  • The new requirements of sales content for virtual selling.

This paper will be valuable to the following groups: Sales, Marketing and Sales Enablement practitioners.

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