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Post 2 of 3: The balance between getting your product right and achieving scale

Aaron Cooper November 23, 2017

One of the things we discussed in the panel session last week was the challenge we all face: Should we place more focus on perfecting our products and solutions, or on growing the company? As CEO of a growing startup, I’d say that’s my perennial challenge. Even with funding, we must be prudent about where we invest.

So should we hire more developers to tackle the thousand things we’d like to add to the platform to make it even better? Our AI-powered content recommendation engine could always be improved. Industry x has a popular tool that we could integrate with to further streamline their process. Should we invest in VR sales presentations? (The answer is “no” to that one, by the way!)

Or, should we hire more direct salespeople? Or more partner managers? Should we build more tools to help partners?

The answer, of course, is you need to do a bit of everything. Getting the balance right is the difficult bit.

But my advice would be trying to find ways to kill two (or more) birds with one stone.

A recent example for us at SalesPreso was adding multi-language support for our first customer in Europe. It allowed us to expand into that territory but it also helped to grow some existing accounts that jumped on and created foreign language content. Perhaps most importantly, though, it underpinned our first global partnership deals.

So, when we plan our development sprints we prioritise features that can tick as many strategic boxes as possible:

  • Will it deliver a world-class experience?
  • Will it allow us to sell better or faster?
  • Will it allow us to expand our existing accounts?
  • Will it enable partners to sell better or faster to their customers?

The highest priority items on our roadmap tick all of these boxes, which makes it much easier to decide where we should invest, without having to choose between scale and product.

Have you had to choose between the two? What choice did you make and what results did you see?

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