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Post 3 of 3: Which of the many tech trends packs the biggest punch?

Aaron Cooper November 30, 2017

I was on the panel at a session called “The Digital Advantage – Take your company and product to market fast!” at the Microsoft Summit two weeks ago. The discussion prompted me to think about our journey from new startup to maturing startup, so I’ve put words to my thoughts in this series of posts.

At the panel, we spoke about important tech trends and which have made the biggest impact our business and what we offer. For us, it’s quite simply data—and perhaps access to it; whether that’s through APIs, micro-services or even Excel sheets.

How we get data is never as important as getting the data that can tell a compelling story, because SalesPreso underpins data-driven storytelling.

So data is what allows one of our users to create a bespoke presentation, proposal or account review for a specific customer from a specific industry, at a specific point in the sales cycle in under 30 seconds, instead of the hours it would normally take.

And by data, I mean any structured information that can make a sales or advice interaction more relevant, more tailored, more personal:

  • Data that shows you understand the customer’s industry, geography, pain points or usage;
  • Customer-specific pricing data for proposals and quotes;
  • Reporting data for quarterly reviews;
  • Branding “data” to personalise logos, colours and imagery;
  • Data that allows our AI engine to learn and recommend the most successful slides for any customer interaction;
  • Business data for interactive calculators and modelling tools;
  • And even needs analysis data that can be captured in a presentation and saved back to CRM or any other connected system.

Ultimately, the way we integrate data is what makes our platform unique. And all the latest tech trends rely on data to be effective. So, for us, it all comes back to data.

What is the biggest tech trend that you see impacting your business?

SalesPreso is a game-changing technology platform transforming enterprise B2B sales and advice by automating its single most time-consuming activity – creating customised presentations. Contact us to find out how SalesPreso can power your digital transformation.