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Business Intelligence + LivePreso: Leveraging investment in BI to create integrated account reviews

LivePreso April 27, 2021

Business intelligence tools are powerful systems for analysing, transforming and reporting data, especially where your company holds months or years of information on your existing customers. Being able to mine that wealth of data is critical. 

From numbers to narratives: LivePreso + your BI tools

However, converting BI reports into actionable insights with which to engage your customers—in an account review, for example—is a laborious copy-and-paste-into-PowerPoint exercise for most account or customer success managers. We commonly hear that it takes several days to produce just one report. So it’s no surprise that customer coverage for account reviews is incredibly low; it’s just too time consuming to prepare for them.

LivePreso automates the process by integrating with all of the leading BI tools—including Tableau, GoodData, PowerBI, MicroStrategy, SAP Business Objects and IBM Cognos. Company-controlled, customer-specific BI reports are accessed in real time to generate compelling sales stories that encompass rich data visualisations and commercial insights.

“That’s why we get so excited about account review use cases”, said Aaron Cooper, LivePreso co-founder and CEO. “Rather than competing with BI tools, we know from experience they usually make our customers’ LivePreso solution even more effective. We integrate with our customers’ existing tools to automatically create account reviews in seconds. Better still, they’re interactive reviews with beautiful data visualisation, that encourage actual customer engagement, especially when presenting remotely.” 

And the results speak for themselves: Asahi’s time to prepare account reviews has dropped from 5 days to 30 minutes each; REA Group’s account management prep time shrunk from 24 hours a week to 1 hour; and FCM Travel (US) achieved record productivity gains after automating their account reviews.

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