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FCM Travel Solutions (USA) achieves record productivity gains with LivePreso

Kate Speakman April 13, 2021

LivePreso has enabled FCM Travel Solutions (FCM US) to automate their customer Quarterly Business Review engagements, and, as a result, realise enormous productivity savings. 

Integrating LivePreso into FCM’s core tech stack has supported their account managers globally, by evolving a time consuming yet vital data gathering process, into an adaptive, interactive customer-facing engagement.

LivePreso took live data from multiple sources, including GoodData, and funnelled it into one, unified sales tool. FCM’s QBR content uses customers’ data to deliver insights and support recommendations. The solution has also standardised the way the data is presented, across the entire team, for all customers.


777 Total number of QBRs prepared 
3,465 Total pre-sales head hours saved in preparing QBRs
433 Total pre-sales working days saved in preparing QBRs
2 Number of equivalent FTEs these savings equate to

Over the last 12 months, 777 quarterly business reviews have been created by the FCM US account managers using LivePreso. 

Scott Reddie, Global Director of Account Management, has stated that a PowerPoint presentation, with the same content and data, would require at least half a day to create—between gathering the data, interpreting what is relevant, extrapolating insights, and drafting a comprehensive set of content specifically relevant to that customer. LivePreso has reduced that to just 30 minutes, at most.

As a result, the FCM US account management team have saved a total of 433 days of productivity in just 12 months. This is equal to 2 years, or 2 additional full-time employees.

Their results are doubly impressive when taking into account the Covid-19 pandemic, which significantly impacted the travel industry worldwide, and made maximising productivity from existing head count a critical measure.

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