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Top four tips to empower remote sales teams

Jodie Waddingham October 28, 2021

Hybrid working environments have accelerated the need for organisations to implement effective remote selling strategies. Your sales team’s approach can be a key competitive differentiator in winning new business, optimising sales best practice and ensuring perfect experiences for today’s digital customer interactions.

What is remote selling?

Remote selling is the shift of traditional sales functions to a virtual environment. This includes everything from pre-sales preparation and content creation to account reviews and deal analysis. In order to arm your sales team with the tools to maximise impact in the digital realm, here are four tips to help your sales team successfully sell remotely.

Make interactive content a must-have

Interactive content makes each customer experience specifically relevant to them and their buying decision. According to a study by Demand Metric, interactive content generates 2x more conversions than passive content.  

Interactive content can include form fields for input, option selections and value-selling tools such as action plans and calculators. One of the major benefits of introducing interactivity to presentations is that your sales content and narrative no longer need to be linear. Sellers and buyers can now move through a consultative process where outcomes are based on actions taken during virtual meetings. Interactive content also enables your sales team to take customers on an authentic customer-led journey towards purchase.

Asahi Beverages automated its account reviews with LivePreso, reducing content creation time from days to seconds.

Interactive content can be made even more powerful with data integration. Rather than copying and pasting static graphs and data visuals into presentation, customer-specific data and insights are automatically sourced from your CRM and BI platforms, providing interactive and engaging options during the discussion can elevate your customer experience.

Support your customer’s business case with value selling

Value selling involves the communication and quantification of a product or service’s value over specific features and capabilities. Effectively communicating value benefits during a pitch or presentation can ensure you align your solution to your buyers’ challenges and maximise stakeholder engagement.

This information can also help your buyers in preparing their business case. Interactive experiences such as ROI and time-to-value calculators can be utilised to immediately provide buyers with relevant metrics aligned to their requirements. These tools can help deliver the justification of your business case in real-time by capturing information and delivering results during a presentation, or after the fact by encouraging buyers and other stakeholders to see results for themselves through self-service calculators and tools.

Strengthen your sales team with relevant content

Today’s buyers are overwhelmed with information, so it is doubly important for your sales team to have the right content available to enable perfect customer interactions.

In order to make an impression remotely, your sales team needs a way to quickly access relevant content and be able to tailor that content to your customers without sacrificing brand integrity. Sales enablement platforms like LivePreso can provide you with a centrally managed, single source of truth for all customer-facing content that is consistent and up to date. By improving the accessibility and relevance of your sales content, you can enable your sales team to tell persuasive sales stories consistently and relevantly to each and every customer.

Enable optimisation with the right analytics

Face-to-face meetings and virtual meetings that rely on traditional static content can’t be tracked effectively; what messages landed, what actions were agreed, what was the level of engagement? Most importantly, is your sales team delivering the content your customers want to hear?

Measuring the effectiveness of your sales team’s activity is key to the success of your business. By ensuring sales content is controlled, tracked and measured, everybody wins. Sales enablement platforms like LivePreso can provide sales leaders with reports of what content was shown and shared, what content had the highest engagement and which specific actions contributed to a conversion.

For your sales team, content visibility becomes invaluable once it’s shared. Post-meeting analytics can be used to assess customer interest, decide which opportunities to prioritise, and know when to follow up and maximise the chance of conversion. 

“We love the simplicity of LivePreso’s workflow integration with Salesforce, and the detailed view report I am emailed each time a partner reviews the presentation”

Nick Soanes – Channel Sales Operations Manager | MYOB

Despite the slow return to normal ways of working, maximising the effectiveness of your sales team’s remote selling potential is integral to the future success of your customer interactions and the growth of your business. 

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