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Why you should automate your workflows with our Salesforce integration

Kate Speakman February 4, 2022

Slash admin time, improve your customer data and maximise your technology investment with LivePreso’s out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce. Here are a few reasons why you should make the most of it.

How does the LivePreso integration with Salesforce work?

LivePreso’s two-way integration with Salesforce allows your sales and account management team to spend more time engaging with customers, without needing to manually record and update CRM after every meeting. Your team can access LivePreso directly from Salesforce to create and share presos with customers. LivePreso will automatically create events, provide engagement analytics and can even instantly update account, contact and opportunity information—just by using LivePreso to engage with your customers.

Make Salesforce your single source of truth
Enhance your team’s experience in Salesforce and make low adoption rates and poor data a thing of the past. LivePreso for Salesforce helps boost the productivity of your team and gives them back time usually spent completing admin tasks or searching for the right customer-specific data. Your salespeople and account managers can accelerate their pipeline, instantly create presos and uncover detailed engagement analytics.

Understand what’s happening in market
Empower your team with detailed customer analytics, insights and notifications all within Salesforce. Whenever customers view or engage with shared content, these activities will instantly be recorded for your team to see. If your customers are sharing content to other stakeholders within their organisations, LivePreso will save your team even more time and effort  by creating new contacts or updating existing ones automatically. 

“We love the simplicity of LivePreso’s workflow integration with Salesforce, and the detailed view report I am emailed each time a partner reviews the presentation”

REA Group

Find out what content your team relies upon
Make sure your marketing team isn’t wasting time creating content that gets lost in the void. Discover what specific slides are being used by your customer-facing teams to convert customers and easily understand what content is giving you the most bang for your buck. Start effectively focusing your content refresh efforts and stay ahead of the competition.

See what best practice looks like

Accelerate your sales cycle and make sure your team is following up with the right stakeholders at the perfect time. Because LivePreso is constantly improving and updating Salesforce data, you’ll gain unparalleled business visibility into your sales team’s activity and content usage, understand who your team is presenting to, and how often, and find out what content your customers love.

Get even more granular with your enablement teams

Our integration with Salesforce also allows enablement teams to uncover detailed ROI insights by drawing a line between customer engagement and revenue. Use these insights in training nights and coaching plans and guarantee that your brand story is consistent and effective.

LivePreso helps you to leverage and enhance your existing investment in your CRM, sales enablement and business intelligence tools and demonstrably increases the productivity and effectiveness of your sales team– more time selling and engaging with customers. We also partner with industry-leading CRM platforms—including HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP Business One, Iress XPLAN, Copper, Box+Dice and more.

Want to learn more about how you can automate your sales workflows and increase the efficiency of your sales team? Schedule a time to speak with our team.